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The Australian Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline for ADHD

The Australian Evidence-Based Clinical Guideline For ADHD provides a roadmap for ADHD clinical practice, research, and policy now and in the future. It focuses on everyday functioning and quality of life for people living with ADHD and those who support them.

A Consumer Companion was also developed to make the Guideline’s complex language and technical nature more accessible for those without a clinical background.

NEW ADHD Prescribing Manual For Australian Healthcare Professionals

While there are clear, well-established, general principles for starting, adjusting, and stopping medications, some specific considerations need to be addressed when prescribing for ADHD. The New ADHD Prescribing Manual For Australian Healthcare Professionals aims to assist qualified healthcare professionals in navigating the world of ADHD medication.

Available from the end of July 2024, pre-order the printed Prescribing Manual now and receive a short PDF Extract delivered instantly to your inbox.

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