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AADPA was formed in 2016 by a diverse group of professionals with the common goal of providing a unified professional perspective on the causes, diagnosis, management and treatment of ADHD.

COVID-19 Guideance

Advice for health and social care professionals on the support and management of people with ADHD during the COVID-19 crisis.

Discover The High Cost Of ADHD

ADHD affects more than 800,000 Australians with an estimated social and economic impact of around $20 billion per year!

AADPA Conference Cancelled

With uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, the Board has taken the decision to cancel the upcoming AADPA conference in July.

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ADHD support and management during the COVID-19 crisis

ADHD support and management during the COVID-19 crisis

While we are all having to make very significant adjustments to follow the everchanging rules and restrictions necessary to reduce the spread of the COVID-19…
Inclusive classroom strategies for children with ADHD with Dr Ana Mantilla

Inclusive classroom strategies & resources for children with ADHD

In this webinar, Dr Ana Mantilla presents the key strengths and abilities children and adolescents with ADHD can bring to educational settings together with a…
Dr Alison Poulton ADHD Webinar

A new approach for diagnosing and explaining ADHD

In this webinar, Dr Alison (Sally) Poulton provides her approach for understanding and explaining behaviour in ADHD, including the overlap between ADHD and Oppositional Defiant…

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