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AADPA was formed in 2016 by a diverse group of professionals with the common goal of providing a unified professional perspective on the causes, diagnosis, management and treatment of ADHD.

Inter-Disciplinary Network

AADPA members come from a range of fields including academia, clinical practice, coaching, education and allied healthcare.

The High Cost Of ADHD

The new report from Deloitte Access Economics, has estimated the total cost of ADHD in Australia to be over $20 billion per year.

Policy Development

Funding received to identify key research, public policy priorities and best practices for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in Australia.

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2019 Eunethydis Conference and symposium

Mark Bellgrove and Dave Coghill recently attended the 2019 Eunethydis Conference and the symposium in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Celebrating the work of Prof. Jan Buitelaar, from…
Lou Brown Thriving With ADHD - Look Before You Leap
Living With ADHD

Look Before You Leap! How Lou Brown Learned to Thrive With Adult ADHD

Lou Brown is an ADHD Coach, Consultant & Advocate. She is also the author of ADHD in Primary School: a comprehensive guide to understanding and…
ADHD Stimulant Prescribing Regulations and Authorities - Australia and New Zealand
ADHD Medication

ADHD Stimulant Prescribing Regulations & Authorities in Australia & New Zealand

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