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AADPA 2019 Conference Resources

Access presentations from the 3rd Annual AADPA Conference (27-28 July 2019).

AADPA’s 3rd Annual Conference offered attendees an opportunity to hear from a breadth of speakers involved in the study and treatment of ADHD.

A wide range of topics covering “ADHD Across The Lifespan” were presented throughout the 2-day conference including findings from the AADPA commissioned Deloitte Access Economics Report, “The Social and Economic Costs of ADHD in Australia“. Special thanks to all of our speakers for sharing their valued insights with the AADPA community.

Keynote Presentations

AADPA Conference Speaker - Dr Jeffrey Newcorn

Prof Jeffrey Newcorn: How Do Drugs for ADHD Work?

Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, and Director, Division of ADHD and Learning Disorders at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Prof Newcorn is also the director of Pediatric Psychopharmacology for the Mount Sinai Health System. His research examines the clinical presentation and neurobiological basis of ADHD and its treatment.

AADPA Conference Speaker - Dr Rick Jarman

Dr Rick Jarman: Social skills training in ADHD.

Dr Jarman is a senior specialist at the Royal Children’s Hospital in the Child Behaviour Clinic and Early Emergency Follow up Clinic, and founding director of Melbourne Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics. In his keynote Rick shares practical strategies for paediatricians, psychologists and psychiatrists in social skills training in ADHD.

AADPA Conference Speaker - Dr Loretta Giorcelli

Dr Loretta Giorcelli: Critical understandings for Inclusive Schools.

Dr Giorcelli draws on 50 years of educational practice, school leadership and active research to explore the critical characteristics of schools including the required cultural, curricular, managerial and legal responses to support learners who struggle with the challenges of ADHD.

AADPA Conference Speaker - Prof. Christel Middeldorp

Prof. Christel Middeldorp ADHD across the lifespan.

Professor Middeldorp discusses the role of genetics, transgenerational transmission and the implications for clinical practice in ADHD. She investigates the role of parental mental health problems, on the outcome of psychiatric symptoms in a clinical cohort and whether addressing parental mental health also improves the outcome for children.

Saturday 27 July

Session 1

AADPA President Opening Address
Prof Mark Bellgrove
How do drugs for ADHD work?
Dr Jeffrey Newcorn
Lived Experience
Louise Brown
Self-rated functional impairment in adults with ADHD
Sally Poulton & Adrian Sandhu
Mood Dysregulation in 10 yr olds with ADHD
Dr Melissa Mulraney
ADHD and family functioning
Dr Sampada Bhide

Session 2

Social skills training in ADHD
Dr Rick Jarman
Project ECHO in ADHD
Sarah Baggio & Emma Dunlop
Dysfunctional evidence accumulation in Developmental Dyslexia
Dr Nicole Stefanac
Emergency Dept experiences of parents with children with ADHD & ASD
Dr Beth Johnson

Session 3&4

What has sleep got to do with it?
Dr Mark Ryan
The effects of a gamified cognitive training program
Dr Hannah Kirk
High dose stimulant medication for ADHD
Dr Sally Poulton
Treating anxiety in children with ADHD
Dr Emma Sciberras
ADHD in the Workplace
Dr Michele Toner

Session 5

Beyond Fight Flight and Freeze, Is there a Fourth F?
Monica Hassall
ADHD & Maternity
Dr Peter Heffernan
Establishing state wide ADHD assessment & treatment in WA
Dr Andrew Sheridan
Dr Edwina Birch
Effect of Children's ADHD on Parent's Perceived Stress
Prof Sarah Medland

Sunday 28 July

Session 6

The Cost of ADHD in Australia
Prof David Coghill
Critical understandings for Inclusive Schools
Dr Loretta Giorcelli
ADHD across the lifespan
Prof Christel Middeldorp

Session 7-9

How to treat sleeping problems in ADHD?
Dr Emma Sciberras
Sleep and ADHD in Adults
Dr Phil Bird
How to AHPRA Proof Your Practice
Dr Roger Paterson

Consumer Group

National Mental Health Reform
Christine Morgan
Importance of Self-compassion and ADHD
Louise Brown
Fight, Flight, Freeze… or Fib?
Monica Hassell
ADHD and sleep
Dr Emma Sciberras
Parent/carer experiences of ADHD in Australian schools
Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia
ADHD and Education
Dr Michele Toner