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Resources, Events & Support For Professionals Working With Individuals With ADHD.

Resources, Events & Support For Professionals Working With Individuals With ADHD.

AADPA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with a diverse membership of interdisciplinary professionals across Australia and New Zealand. AAPDA is committed to working towards enhanced lifetime outcomes for individuals with ADHD and their families through:

Education & Training

Conduct & support education of those working in the field of ADHD and share our knowledge on ADHD with the broader community.

ADHD Advocacy

Advocate for individuals with ADHD and their families for the purpose of more effective access to ADHD services and treatment.

Policy Development

Formalize best practices for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in Australia, identify key research and public policy priorities.

ADHD Research

Promote and facilitate evidence-based research into the diagnosis, causes and treatment of ADHD for enhanced lifetime outcomes.

Our Vision

To optimise outcomes for people living with ADHD across the lifespan, by promoting research and enabling the uptake of best-practice, evidence-based clinical care.

Our Values

AADPA is founded on a vision shared by professional disciplines, consumers and other stakeholders.

We have


We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate across disciplines. We have demonstrated transparency and a successful track record for achieving our objectives.


We are committed to delivering outcomes that will improve the lives of those living with ADHD and facilitate thriving, by ensuring the membership has a diversity of voices, knowledge, and lived experience that can inform our decision-making and priority-setting.


Our diverse membership includes national and international leaders in their respective disciplines, consumers and community stakeholders, as well as the next generation of clinicians and researchers.


We are committed to increasing the involvement of people with lived experience in all our activities.

We are


We place a high value on being an ‘honest broker’ which is made possible by our strong network relationships and our united purpose.


We have and will continue to provide an authoritative evidence-based voice that influences and develops policy initiatives that are consumer-focused, affordable, equitable, and importantly, deliverable.


We understand the needs and priorities of clinicians, researchers and the community and will expand AADPA member involvement in future initiatives. We are committed to including the often-overlooked voices of Indigenous and CALD communities in our policy development and on our Board.


We seek opportunities that will empower professionals to provide best-practice ADHD assessment, treatment and supports and enable consumers to make their own decisions about how to best manage their ADHD symptoms.

Our Purpose

  • Ensure the successful and widespread uptake of the Australian ADHD Guideline, and manage and implement future reviews and updates.
  • To be a unifying and inclusive agent that fosters cooperation, collaboration and the exchange of ideas and information to advance better clinical care and support pathways and help inform research priorities.
  • Provide decision and policymakers, in government and non-government agencies, with accessible and relevant information and advice to inform effective decision-making and inclusive policy.
  • Foster the next generation of clinicians and researchers specialising in ADHD and promote participatory practices.
  • Produce reliable and credible information and resources, with the aim of promoting acceptance and understanding of ADHD.

Our Board Of Directors

Comprising professionals in research, medicine and psychiatry, AADPA’s Board of Directors are bound by their shared commitment to providing evidence-based diagnosis, treatment and management of ADHD and are responsible for setting policy and overseeing the organization’s general well being.

Prof David Coghill - AADPA President

Prof. David Coghill


Academic child and adolescent psychiatrist working since 2016 at the University of Melbourne and Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Dr Roger Paterson - AADPA Board Director

Dr Roger Paterson

Vice President

Member of the ADHD WA Professional Advisory Board for 22 years and co-created AUSPAN (Australian Professional ADHD Network) in 2011.

Prof Mark Bellgrove - AADPA Board Director

Prof. Mark Bellgrove


Director of Research, School of Psychological Sciences and Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health. Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences - Monash University

Dr Alison (Sally) Pouton - AADPA Board

Dr Alison Poulton


Dr Poulton is a paediatrician with more than 20 years experience specialising in the treatmen of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Dr Sarahn Lovett - AADPA Board

Dr Sarahn Lovett


Dr Lovett is a Paediatrician particular interests in Neonatal intensive care, autism, and kids with chronic and complex conditions.

Katarzyna Tognarini - AADPA Board

Katarzyna Tognarini

Appointed Director

Katarzyna (Kate), is a practising community pharmacist with over 25 years of experience working in community, education, industry and hospital.

Louise Brown - AADPA Board Member

Louise Brown

Appointed Director

Louise is an ADHD consumer advisor for Deakin University, accredited but non-practicing registered nurse and ADHD coach, and a lived-experience advocate.

Dr Corin Miller

Dr Corin Miller

Appointed Director

Dr Corin Miller is a specialist General Practitioner with a passion for children’s health and extensive experience working in Emergency Medicine.

Annual Reports

Continuing to deliver on our commitment to working towards enhanced lifetime outcomes for individuals with ADHD and their families has led to many achievements for the Australian ADHD Professionals Association. The below reports contain a summary of our progress, statistics, research and more.

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