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Watch this webinar replay below as Lou Brown shares immediately actionable ADHD advocacy stigma reduction strategies: Small things that make a big difference!

Currently, advocacy efforts are mostly focused on the big things that need to change in order to improve the outcomes for people with ADHD (i.e., better access to service provision, improved models of care, and the inclusion of ADHD education in undergraduate training). While this focus is extremely important, there are some smaller, less talked about things that also need to change. These things can be actioned by all of us immediately and will make a much bigger difference than is usually recognised. As part of AADPA’s ADHD Awareness Month activities, please join us for this webinar and help action the changes we want to see in the world.

About Lou Brown

Lou Brown is a PhD (Nursing & Midwifery) Candidate and Consumer Advisor and Research Collaborator for Deakin University’s ADHD research group. She is also an Appointed AADPA Board Director and an accredited but non-practising ADHD Coach & Consultant. Prior to entering the field of ADHD, Lou worked as a Registered Nurse for over 17 years.

As an ADHD advocate representing AADPA, Lou co-authored the Talking about ADHD guide, which was endorsed by the World Federation of ADHD and authored a free downloadable book for children called Kids like Me. She has presented ADHD workshops and spoken at conferences on ADHD in Australia and the UK and has appeared in multiple media outlets, sharing her lived, clinical and academic experience to foster understanding and awareness of ADHD. Her personal research aims to improve the outcomes of children with ADHD by examining the use of an ADHD parenting framework based on integrative methodology.