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RMIT is conducting a research project to study the positive aspects of ADHD in entrepreneurs or those wanting to start their own venture. If you currently operate your own business or are planning to head down the small business path, you are invited to take part in an exciting new research project linking insights in psychology and entrepreneurship.

This research focuses on how ADHD traits are linked to entrepreneurial outcomes and on the role these traits play at different stages of an entrepreneurial process.

Project Details

What is this study about?

Building a network is important for entrepreneurs, however, not all the entrepreneurs find it easy to build such a network and building entrepreneurial social ties can be more difficult for people with ADHD than for the general population. As such many tend to use their stronger skills (e.g. tendency to work fast and/or creativity) more often than those where their challenges are.

Because the research in this field that combines ADHD and entrepreneurship is still developing, there is no empirical evidence that would show how entrepreneurs exactly cope with those situations where they find it difficult to conduct efficient networking.

One could imagine that entrepreneurs with ADHD might select careers and networking techniques that make their symptom coping easier. This study applies a theoretical framework on coping techniques that entrepreneurs with ADHD might use in relation to their networking attempts. 

Who can participate?

Entrepreneurs with ADHD who are either in the process of starting a business or are currently running their own business or venture. Participants can be from anywhere within Australia.

What Is Involved?

Interviews will be conducted face-to-face at RMIT’s office in Melbourne or at alternate venues within Australia by agreement, and it will most likely be completed within 60 to 150 minutes. During the recorded interviews, entrepreneurs explain their thoughts in relation to nine topics in their own words.

Chief Investigator:

Dr. Antti Kauppinen, RMIT University

Other Investigators/Collaborators:

Dr. Ashenafi Biru, RMIT University
Professor Pia Arenius, RMIT University

More Information

To learn more, please contact the research team:

Dr Antti Kauppinen
RMIT University

03 9925 2000