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The ADHD and Exercise webinar provides an overview of the current research on the effect of exercise on cognition, mood and functional outcomes in individuals with ADHD of all ages.

A/Prof Emma Sciberras is joined by Chris Hanbury-Brown who shares the key principles and considerations for exercise prescription. Emma and Chris also discuss research on sleep interventions and considerations for improving motor learning in adults with ADHD. Watch the webinar recording below now.

Christopher Hanbury-Brown

About Chris Hanbury-Brown

Chris Hanbury-Brown works clinically as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Road To Recovery Exercise Physiology in the Blue Mountains and is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney where he is studying Exercise in Adults with ADHD.  Chris recently wrote a chapter for a disability eBook for the Exercise and Sports Science Association of Australia on Exercise in adults with ADHD.

Chris’ passion for exercise sport and exercise started at a young age when he would often play multiple sports each season. After Injuring his lower back rowing in high school Chris’ developed a strong interest in the relationship between the mind and body through movement.

This passion led him to study Exercise Physiology at the University of Sydney where he graduated with honours (The Association Between Physical Activity and Quality of Life in Adults with ADHD) in 2020.

Between his PhD and clinical work Chris is an active member of the ADHD community and has been involved with Neurodiversity Media, a business focused on helping adults with ADHD, Autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions in the workplace. He is always keen to be involved and you are welcome to get in touch.