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The Australian Senate Inquiry will commence hearings late this month and AADPA will be appearing to give evidence about our submission.

AADPA based our submission on the evidence synthesised in the ADHD Clinical Practice Guideline which includes a call to develop a National ADHD Strategy.

As the most common disorder for children in Australia and with extremely high co-morbidity rates across all disability, our suggested strategy would not sit in isolation.

We advocate for a framework that complements and integrates with existing policies, reports and initiatives such as the National Mental Health Policy, the Workforce Strategy Taskforce, the Productivity Commission report into Mental Health and Vision 2030.

Crucially, we also believe that our proposed strategy will help the Government deliver its Disability Strategy 2021-31. The Disability Strategy’s goal of achieving a more inclusive country where everyone has an opportunity to participate fully in society mirrors AADPA’s own vision for people with ADHD.

Read AADPA's Senate Submission


We are committed to working towards enhanced lifetime outcomes for individuals with ADHD and their families.

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