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Senator Marielle Smith, Deputy Chair of the Senate ADHD Inquiry joined AADPA members for a special Q&A session with Prof. Mark Bellgrove.  The webinar was held under Chatham House Rule to encourage openness and sharing of information and was not recorded.

This week the Australian Senate Committee for Community Affairs handed down a consensus report on assessment and support services for people with ADHD.

After receiving 700 submissions and hearing from over 75 witnesses, 15 key recommendations were made that had the support of the entire Committee.

When speaking about the report in Parliament, Senator Smith drew attention to a number of priority issues including the development of uniform prescribing, better coordination of services and improved awareness campaigns about stigma. She also spoke about her own experience with ADHD.

During this special Q&A session, members learned:

  1. How the Committee arrived at these recommendations.
  2. How they worked through all of the submissions and testimony to decide what to include and what to leave out.
  3. Will the Government implement the recommendations?
  4. What would Senator Smith like to see happen next?
Senator Marielle Smith

About Senator Marielle Smith

Marielle Smith is a Senator for South Australia and was elected to Parliament in 2019. With a policy background in early childhood education, she worked for many years with former Prime Minister Julia Gillard as Chair of the Global Partnership for Education. Marielle holds a Master of Science with a Distinction in Public Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics.