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Sleep disturbances and excessive daytime sleepiness frequently co-occur with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). International guest speaker Dr Stephen P. Becker joins us to discuss sleep and ADHD in children, adolescents and adults.

Given high rates of co-occurrence, as well as a complex interplay between ADHD symptoms and sleep, it is important to understand sleep and ADHD across the lifespan.

Hosted by A/Prof Emma Sciberras and presented by Dr Stephen P Becker, PhD, this webinar reviews sleep and ADHD in children and adults before turning to a focus on sleep in adolescents with ADHD. After years of relative neglect, there is growing research and clinical attention devoted to sleep in adolescents with ADHD. Observational, longitudinal, and experimental findings will be presented, in addition to recent intervention findings. Key directions for future research to advance clinical care will be discussed.

Stephen Becker PhD

About Dr Stephen P. Becker

Stephen P. Becker, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Director of Research, and Endowed Chair in the Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

His research, funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences, examines attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sleep, and sluggish cognitive tempo in children and adolescents.

Dr Becker’s focus is on better understanding the developmental pathways of ADHD, co-occurring psychopathologies, and functional impairments. He has published over 175 articles on these and related topics and recently edited a book on ADHD in adolescents. Dr Becker is a Joint Editor of JCPP Advances and serves on the editorial boards of Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Journal of Attention Disorders, Journal of Youth and Adolescence, and Adolescent Research Review, and on the advisory board of The ADHD Report.

Find Stephen online at or on Twitter at @spbecker.