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Mindful Parenting and ADHD Webinar with Dr SUBHADRA EVANS

Mindful Parenting and ADHD

Dr Emma Sciberras and Dr Subhadra Evans present an overview of mindful parenting, including the evidence base for the approach. A new program based on…
Transition To University For Students With ADHD with Dr Michele Toner

Transitioning To University For Students with ADHD

The move from high school to university means students transition from a highly structured environment to a relatively unstructured one. Whilst this can be liberating…
2018 International ADHD Congress - Tel Aviv, Isreal with Dr Roger Paterson

2018 International ADHD Congress Update

Dr Roger Paterson shares a research update from two International ADHD conferences in Tel Aviv, Isreal and Madrid, Spain. Roger Paterson, MB BS, FRCPsych, FRANZCP,…
ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinical Diagnosis, Overlap & Implications for Treatment with Jan Buitelaar

ADHD & ASD Overlap, Diagnosis & Treatment Implications

Prof. Jan Buitelaar presents scientific background on the clinical implications and diagnostic differential issues associated with the overlap of ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Prof.…

Our mission at AADPA is to promote evidence-based research, diagnosis, treatment & management of ADHD for the benefit of Australians with ADHD & their families.


We are committed to working towards enhanced lifetime outcomes for individuals with ADHD and their families.

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