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AADPA’s ADHDtracker is an innovative, secure web-based app that allows you to track your patients’ ADHD treatment response on any device or platform as long as it is connected to the internet.

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About the ADHD Tracker

Collect information about ADHD symptoms & adverse effects

With ADHD tracker allows you to collect information from your patient and for children their parents and teachers in the clinic and in-between appointments.

View, Export and Share Patient Data

Easily access & view patient progress over time

The ADHD tracker processes input information and presents it in easy to understand format that shows progress over time. Information can easily be shared with the patient and their family, and with consent, can also be shared with other clinicians involved in your patients care.

ADHD Tracker Instructional Videos

The ADHD Tracker is a secure environment that has been rigorously tested to meet all necessary data protection standards. Take a look inside below.

Account Registration 1:39

Quickly and easily register for your ADHD Tracker account. AADPA members receive free access to the ADHD Tracker.

Manage Client Visits 2:04

Collect relevant information on ADHD symptoms and adverse effects in the clinic and in-between appointments.

Manage Patient Details 2:54

Collect, store and manage patient information in one place and view active and inactive patients at a glance.

Rating Scales Overview 2:24

The adminstration of Rating Scales remotely is one of the key features of the ADHD Tracker allowing you to view trends over time.

Send Rating Scales 1:02

Quickly set up and send Rating Scales to collect information from a range of reporters including SNAP-IV, SKAMP and ASRS.

View, Export & Share Data 2:26

You can, with your patients’ consent, share this information with other clinicians involved in your patients care.

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Our mission at AADPA is to promote evidence-based research, diagnosis, treatment & management of ADHD for the benefit of Australians with ADHD & their families.


We are committed to working towards enhanced lifetime outcomes for individuals with ADHD and their families.

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Gain resources, support and guidance from Australia’s leading professional ADHD community.

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Our members come from a range of fields including academia, clinical practice, coaching, education and allied healthcare.