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The AADPA Florence Levy Emerging Researcher Award honours Prof. Flo Levy’s outstanding clinical and research contribution to ADHD. Prof. Levy (1937-2020) had a passion and commitment to improving the lives of children with mental health problems.

As a child psychiatrist, she made remarkable contributions to her clinical discipline and was a staunch advocate for families and patients affected by ADHD.

Additionally, she contributed numerous scientific papers and book chapters to the field, making her a world authority on ADHD. She was also a pioneer and strong advocate for female academics, a trailblazer for physician-researchers, and an inspiring mentor for many clinicians and researchers.

AADPA Florence Levy Emerging Researcher Award

The Award

The Florence Levy Emerging Researcher Award winner will receive an invitation to present at AADPA’s 4th Annual Conference on the 23rd October 2021, including complimentary conference registration, travel to and from Melbourne and 1-night accommodation at the Novotel Melbourne on Collins.

Eligibilty Criteria

To be considered for this award, nominees MUST:

  1. Be conducting research in the area of ADHD;
  2. As at 30 June 2021, have held their PhD, or equivalent, for no more than 10 years from the date that their PhD thesis was passed (not the date of conferral) unless they have had a career interruption (including but not limited to carer responsibilities and major illness/injury; and
  3. Be a current member of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association.

Wherever possible, be available to attend the AADPA 2021 Conference either in person or virtually to accept the award and give a brief presentation.

Assessment Criteria

The awardee will have demonstrated a significant scientific contribution to research in the field of ADHD, relative to opportunity. The committee will consider:

  1. The quality of publications, particularly focusing on the Top 5 publications;
  2. Awards, Fellowships, and Grants; and
  3. Other signs of recognition for significant scientific contribution.
Apply Now. Applications Close 3 Oct '21

Applications Close 3 October 2021

Application Form

You may save and return to your application at a later date by clicking the “Save & Continue Later” link at the bottom of the form. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

  • NB: In order to be eligible for this award, nominees must be current AADPA members.
  • Share a summary of your current research interests highlighting research achievements or significant outcomes (200 words).
  • Please provide details of your current and previous appointments.
  • Have you received any Fellowships and/or Grants? Please provide details below
  • Please provide details of your contribution to the field of ADHD including the number of years you have been actively involved in ADHD research and any invited presentations, professional roles etc.
  • Have you received any honours and/or awards? Please provide details below
  • Please provide details of the Top 5 publications with a description of significant contributions/signs of impact. Full publication list can be attached as additional pages below.
  • Describe any significant career disruptions or responsibilities that could reasonably be considered to affect your eligibility and/or impact your research track record. Please estimate the impact this may have had on your track record. (200 words)
  • Please attach any additional documents to support your application such as a full publication list and a detailed CV.
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    Our mission at AADPA is to promote evidence-based research, diagnosis, treatment & management of ADHD for the benefit of Australians with ADHD & their families.

    Our mission at AADPA is to promote evidence-based research, diagnosis, treatment & management of ADHD for the benefit of Australians with ADHD & their families.

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