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Assoc Prof Emma Sciberras and Dr Maddi Derrick discuss best practice cognitive behavioural therapy strategies for adolescents and adults with ADHD.

Dr Maddi Derrick

About Dr Maddi Derrick

Dr Maddi Derrick is a Clinical Psychologist, board-approved supervisor and founding director of Hobart ADHD Consultants, a private practice in Tasmania.

Maddi leads a team of psychologists providing neurodivergent-affirming assessment and treatment services for ADHD and co-occurring conditions to people of all ages. Maddi provides cross-discipline training to external agencies and is particularly energised by opportunities to contribute to systemic change for all things ADHD.

Maddi was a member of the development group for the Australian Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline for ADHD and a member of the organising committee for the 2022 AADPA conference. With a lived experience of ADHD as an individual and a parent, Maddi is a passionate advocate. She co-founded the grassroots advocacy group “Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia” and regularly contributes to media pieces around ADHD.