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Attention skills provide the foundation for cognitive development and educational achievement. We know that early detection of attention difficulties and early intervention to strengthening attention is vital to improving learning capacity and academic outcomes.

Through the Tada Project, the Monash School of Psychological Sciences, together with Tali Health, are hoping to verify the use of a world-first touchscreen attention screening tool, Tali Detect and a 5-week intensive attention training program, Tali Train, for children with ADHD or high levels of inattentive and hyperactive symptoms. Download the Tada Project Flyer or read on for more details.

Project Details

What is this study about?

Current methods to assess and support attention in childhood are limited and often require the involvement of clinicians and drug-based interventions. Assessments rely on behavioural rating scales which are costly, time-consuming and don’t provide information on the underlying causes of attention difficulties.

Monash University, in conjunction with Tali Health and Torus Games have developed a world-first touchscreen attention screening tool, Tali Detect, and a 5-week intensive attention training program, Tali Train.

These tools aim to revolutionise childhood attention assessment and training by using fun game-based exercises to understand and improve a child’s attentional strengths and weaknesses.  These tools have been evaluated in developing children and children with intellectual disabilities, however to date they have not been evaluated in children with elevated attention difficulties, such as those with ADHD. 

Who can participate?

Children between the ages of 5-7 years with parent-reported clinical (e.g. diagnosis of ADHD) or sub-clinical attention difficulties will be eligible for participation. Caregiver consent will be sought on an opt-in basis.

Individuals who wish to participate will be given a consent form either via email, or mail to read and sign if they wish to participate. A summary of the research will be provided to all participants at the end of the project. Participants will be able to request individual results if they wish.

Download Explanatory Statement For Parents/Guardians of Participants
What Is Involved?

The study will take 5 weeks to complete, which includes either a screening call or email to determine eligibility and attending initial and follow-up assessments.

Each research assessment will take place at Monash University in Melbourne or a location that best suits you. Each assessment session will take between 1-2 hours and involves you completing a questionnaire while your child completes some computerised and paper-based tasks. These tasks will include the new game-based tool (Tali Detect), an existing attention assessment tool, and a cognitive test.

Upon completion of the first assessment, you will be provided with a tablet with the Tali Train program, to complete with your child over the next 5 weeks, before you return for a follow-up assessment. You and your child will be given free access to the Tali Train program for the duration of the study.

Download The Tada Project Flyer

More Information

To learn more, please contact the research team:

Dr Hannah Kirk
Monash University
Department of Psychology

03 9905 2030
visit the website