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Em Rusciano, Australian comedian, writer, singer and media presenter, addressed the National Press Club of Australia, speaking in detail about her ADHD diagnosis in 2021.

In this sold-out address, Rusciano talks about life before and after her ADHD diagnosis and the impact ADHD has had on her professional and personal life.

During her address, Rusciano called for a cultural and attitudinal shift within the wider community when it comes to neurodivergent individuals saying, “the message should not be that the neurodivergent community are lacking or less than, but that we are different and equally worthy,” adding, “when we are not forced to try and fit into a framework and societal structure that was built for people who aren’t like us, we can be pretty impressive!

ABC live blogged Rusciano’s National Press Club address inviting those following to submit questions about ADHD and neurodiversity to an expert panel comprising  AADPA President Prof. Mark Bellgrove, and ADHD Guideline Development Group members Dr Tamara May, Dr Madelyn Derrick, and Dr Karuppiah Jagadheesan were on hand to answer questions as they flowed in.

Click here for ABC’s account of the address and expert responses to questions raised during Em Rusciano’s address, “Blood, Sweat and Glitter – The Story of a Neurodivergent Girl Living in a Neurotypical World.”

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