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Australian Evidence-Based Clinical Guideline For ADHD - Printed Edition

On October 5, 2022, AADPA was proud to launch the new Australian Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline for ADHD. 

We celebrated in Perth where the stage was set for the “Light Up WA” initiative that saw many of Perth’s iconic landmarks shine orange for ADHD Awareness.  Hosted by the City of Perth and held on the top floor of Council House overlooking the city,  over 100 AADPA members as well as the State’s political and professional leaders joined President, Mark Bellgrove to release this long-awaited landmark document.

The endorsement of the new Australian guideline by the NHMRC is a great achievement for all involved.

Click here to view and download the digital version of the Guideline, including the technical report and public consultation documents, for free.

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