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Dear Colleagues,

Professor Steven Faraone, President of The World Federation of ADHD has lead the development of an International Consensus Statement on ADHD which is now available to read online as a pre-proof. Professors Mark Bellgrove and Dave Coghill have contributed to this statement on behalf of AADPA, in addition to Dr Alison (Sally) Poulton.

Click here to read the International Consensus Statement on ADHD pre-proof. The article is currently being translated into Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, French, German and Turkish. A PDF of the final version will be provided once complete.

Read on for Steven’s letter to the field of ADHD researchers and clinicians regarding the Consensus Statement and follow the links provided if you would like to register your support of the statement.

Dear Colleagues,

In my role as President of the World Federation of ADHD, I’ve convened an international team from regional ADHD professional groups to prepare an International Consensus Statement that cogently summarizes the highest quality, evidenced-based assertions we can make about ADHD.

We will publish it as an open-access paper with the hope that it will be disseminated widely to reduce stigma, correct misconceptions and educate the world about the disorder.

We are inviting colleagues to register their support for this evidence base and to forward this invitation to others as you see fit. If you are interested to do so, you will need this information:

Thank you for considering this request.

Stephen V. Faraone, Ph.D.
President, World Federation of ADHD

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