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As language evolves and acceptance grows, so do the words to describe a new minority – the arrival of the word Neuro Queer. Lou Brown is joined by special guest speaker Manoj Yadavaas to discuss the similarity of the coming out process of ADHD or being LGBTIQA+ and how to support LGBTIQA+ community members with ADHD when providing care.

About Manoj Yadava

Manoj Yadava is an ADHD Life Coach and has been running his coaching practice from Melbourne for the past 5 years. He is also the administrator of the Australian Adult ADHD Interest Group (AAADHIG) and the creator of an Australasian directory of ADHD Coaches. Manoj lives with ADHD, identifies as Gay and subscribes to the following pronouns: He, His and Him.

Manoj proudly describes himself as Australian-Indian, a recovering alcoholic, a part-time drag queen, a full-time drama queen, a zoom Dad, and a business entrepreneur. Previously Manoj has worked as an Australian hospitality worker, actor, civil servant and business analyst.