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AADPA is excited to release the newly developed ‘Talking about ADHD’ guide. The guide was developed in conjunction with Neurodevelopment Australia, and has been endorsed by the ADHD Foundation, ADHD Australia, and Parents for ADHD Australia.

The aim of the guide is to encourage people to think about and stop using words/rhetoric (including words that elicit negative narratives and stereotypes) that tend to feed into the stigma surrounding ADHD and cause psychological harm to those living with the disorder, and instead, use language that fosters understanding and awareness of ADHD and aligns with the recovery paradigm i.e. hope for the future, acceptance of disability, personal empowerment, etc.(as outlined in the National Health and Medical Council Recovery-focused language guide).

Click the button below to download the “Talking About ADHD” poster including words to avoid and those to use instead.

Download the Talking About ADHD Poster

Talking About ADHD

Knowing what to say and using the correct language when talking about ADHD can be difficult. This guide is designed to help. We recommend using these tips when talking about ADHD, whether in public or in private.

Download The "Talking About ADHD" Language Guide

Effective advocacy fosters empathy and understanding. It also promotes acceptance and inclusion. People with lived experience, clinicians and researchers have all contributed to this guide. It will continue to evolve and be updated as needed. We welcome suggestions and feedback.

Download the poster below including more tips for words to avoid and those to use instead.

Download The Talking About ADHD Poster
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