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Special guest speaker, Dr. Joseph Sergeant, Professor in the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology at the Free University (Vrije Universiteit) in Amsterdam, presented the following keynote presentation at AADPA’s Annual General Meeting on July 24, 2020.

Joseph A Sergeant - Emeritus Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology
About Prof. Joseph A. Sergeant

Professor Joseph Sergeant began his research on the attentional problems of hyperactive children in 1975 in Groningen, The Netherlands and from 1985 he was Professor and Chair of Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

Professor Joseph Sergeant moved to the Vrije University, Amsterdam in 1999, to set-up a new department of Clinical Neuropsychology in which he was Professor and chair. In this period, he established one of the largest adult ADHD neuropsychological projects with his colleagues, which included evaluation with neuropsychological measures the effect of treatment to adult ADHD patients.

In 1987 he founded the European Network on Hyperkinetic Disorders (Eunethydis), which has developed as a key training network for child psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists. Professor Sergeant handed over the chairmanship of Eunethydis to Professor Tobias Banaschewski on January 1st 2015.

Under Professor Sergeant’s chairmanship, Eunethydis was expanded to take into account the emerging issue of adult ADHD. Eunethydis has a workgroup: European ADHD Guidelines Group (EAGG) of which Professor Sergeant is chair. EAGG has produced three sets of guidelines for the treatment of ADHD and a recent meta-analysis of non-pharmacological interventions in ADHD. An important task for the EAGG in recent years has been to indicate interventions suitable for adult ADHD.

In 2010, Professor Sergeant was knighted by the Queen of The Netherlands and is Officer and Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau for his contribution to the research and treatment of ADHD individuals. Professor Sergeant has published over 250 articles in scientific journals and is currently Emeritus Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology.

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