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Prof Joseph A. Sergeant Keynote Presentation - Varieties of Clinical Trajectories in ADHD

Varieties of Clinical Trajectories in ADHD: Significance of Neuropsychology

Special guest speaker, Dr. Joseph Sergeant, Professor in the Department of Clinical Neuropsychology at the Free University (Vrije Universiteit) in Amsterdam, presented the following keynote…
Quirky, Twitchy, Thingy, Dreamy, Bouncy - ADHD Webinar with Dr Jarret Johnston

Quirky, Twitchy, Thingy, Dreamy, Bouncy

Quirky, Twitchy, Thingy, Dreamy, Bouncy started as an educational talk for teachers, GPs and psychologists and subsequently developed into a tool for explaining and discussing…
Helping Patients With ADHD & Their Families Deal With The COVID-19 Pandemic

Helping Patients With ADHD & Their Families Deal With COVID-19

Watch this special webinar presentation hosted by the ADHD World Federation for optimising outcomes for ADHD and telepsychiatry in addition to strategies for helping children…
Inclusive classroom strategies for children with ADHD with Dr Ana Mantilla

Inclusive classroom strategies & resources for children with ADHD

In this webinar, Dr Ana Mantilla presents the key strengths and abilities children and adolescents with ADHD can bring to educational settings together with a…
Dr Alison Poulton ADHD Webinar

A new approach for diagnosing and explaining ADHD

In this webinar, Dr Alison (Sally) Poulton provides her approach for understanding and explaining behaviour in ADHD, including the overlap between ADHD and Oppositional Defiant…
Mindful Parenting and ADHD Webinar with Dr SUBHADRA EVANS

Mindful Parenting and ADHD

Dr Emma Sciberras and Dr Subhadra Evans present an overview of mindful parenting, including the evidence base for the approach. A new program based on…

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